The 18th International Conference on Ad Hoc Networks and Wireless (AdHoc-Now 2019) took place in Luxembourg on 1-3 October 2019.

Conference and Program Chair
Maria Rita Palattella, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), Luxembourg

Technical Program Committee (TPC) Co-Chairs
Maria Rita Palattella, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg
Sinem Coleri Ergen, Koc University, Turkey
Stefano Scanzio, CNR-IEIIT, Italy

Publicity Arrangements Co-Chair
Latif Ladid, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Submission and Proceeding Chair
Albert Bel Pereira, University Pompeu Fabra, Spain

Registration Chair
Marylène Martin, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

Local Arrangement Co-Chairs and Web Chair
Céline Goncalves, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)
Marylène Martin, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

Evangelos Kranakis, Carleton University, Canada

Violet R. Syrotiuk, Arizona State University, United States 

Michel Barbeau, Carleton University, Canada

Ionise Nikolaidis, University of Alberta, Canada

Assis Flavio, UFBA – Federal University of Bahia, Brazil
Barcelo-Ordinas Jose M., UPC, Spain
Bel Pereira Albert, Pompeu Fabra University, Spain
Bramas Quentin, Université de Strasbourg, France
Bruneo Dario, University of Messina, Italy
Busnel Yann, IMT Atlantique, France
Calafate Carlos, Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain
Cena Gianluca, CNR-IEIIT, Italy
Cheminod Manuel, CNR-IEIIT, Italy
Cichon Jacek, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland
Colerie Ergen Sinem, Koc University, Turkey
De Paola Alessandra, University of Palermo, Italy
Di Maio Antonio, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Dujovne Diego, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile
Durante Luca, CNR-IEIIT, Italy
El Jaouhari Saad, IMT Atlantique, France
Elsts Atis, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
Giacobbe Maurizio, University of Messina, Italy
Iova Oana, INSA Lyon, France
Karyotis Vasileios, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Klasing Ralf, CNRS and University of Bordeaux, France
Leone Pierre, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Liang Weifa, Australian National University, Australia
Longo Francesco, University of Messina
Maillé Patrick, IMT Atlantique, France
Martinez Francisco J., University of Zaragoza, Spain
Mitton Nathalie, Inria, France
Montavont Nicolas, IMT Atlantique, France
Montavont Julien, University of Strasbourg, France
Mosko Marc, Palo Alto Research Center, USA
Natalizio Enrico, Loria / Université de Lorraine Nancy, France
Palattella Maria Rita, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg
Papadopoulos Georgios Z., IMT Atlantique, France
Pahl Marc Olivier, Technical University of Munich, Germany
Papagianni Chrysa, Nokia Bell Labs, USA
Papavassiliou Symeon, Institute of Communications and Computer Systems (ICCS), Greece
Postiglione Fabio, University of Salerno, Italy
Puliafito Carlo, University of Florence, Italy
Scanzio Stefano, CNR-IEIIT, Italy
Scarpa Marco, University of Messina, Italy
Soua Ridha, University of Luxemburg, Luxembourg
Syrotiuk Violet, Arizona State University, USA
Texier Geraldine, IMT Atlantique, France
Theoleyre Fabrice, CNRS, France
Tsiropoulou Eirini Eleni, University of New Mexico, USA
Turau Volker, Hamburg University of Technology, Germany
Valenzano Adriano, CNR-IEIIT, Italy
Vallati Carlo, University of Pisa, Italy
Weis Frédéric, University of Rennes 1, France
Wrona Konrad, NATO Communications and Information Agency, Netherlands
Zhao Zhongliang, Beihang University, USA
Zorbas Dimitrios, Tyndall National Institute, Ireland
Zunino Claudio, CNR-IEIIT, Italy

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