08.00 Registration

Opening session
Dr. Maria Rita Palattella, Conference Chair, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LU)

09.15 Welcome speech

Dr. Thomas Kallstenius, Chief Executive Officer, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LU)


Key Note Speech 1
Where do we stand on terrestrial-satellite integration for 5G networks?

Dr. Stefano Cioni, European Space Agency - ESA (NL)
Chaired by Dr. Christian Esposito, University of Napoli "Federico II" (ITA)

10.30 Coffee break

Technical Session 1 - Iot for Emergency Scenarios and Disaster Management
Chaired by Mr Antonio Di Maio, University of Luxembourg (LU)

  • Resilient Information Management for Information Sharing in Disaster-affected Areas Lacking Internet Access
    Toshiaki Miyazaki, Kazuya Anazawa, Yasuyuki Maruyama, Seiya Kobayashi, Toku Segawa, Peng Li
  • Game Theoretic Optimal User Association in Emergency Networks
    Christian Esposito, Zhongliang Zhao, Ramón Alcarria, Gianluca Rizzo
  • A Validation Method for AdHoc Network Simulation Including MANETs, VANETs and Emergency Scenarios
    Jose R. Emiliano Leite, Paulo S. Martins, Edson L. Ursini
  • Tracking of Rescue Workers in Harsh Indoor and Outdoor Environments
    Rihab Lahouli, Muhammad Hafeez Chaudhary, Sanjoy Basak, Bart Scheers
  • Topology Discovery Delay Evaluation in Star Topology Network with Switched-Beam Antenna Sink
    Guéréguin Der Sylvestre Sidibé, Hamadoun Tall, Raphael Bidaud, Marie-Françoise Servajean, Michel Misson

Lunch Break


Key Note Speech 2
Modern Random Access, an Enabler for M2M/IoT via Satellite

Dr. Federico Clazzer, Institute of Communications and Navigation at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) (DE)
Chaired by Dr. M.R. Palattella, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LU)


Technical Session 2 - Scheduling and Synchronization in WSN
Chaired by Dr. Nicolas Montavont, IMT Atlantique (FR)

  • Convergecast in a TSCH Network Under a Physical Interference Model
    José Carlos da Silva and Flávio Assis
  • Analysis of the Network Attachment Delay of Mobile Devices in the Industrial Internet of Things
    Rodrigo Teles Hermeto, Quentin Bramas, Antoine Gallais, and Fabrice Théoleyre
  • Performance Analysis of the Slot Allocation Handshake in IEEE 802.15.4 DSME
    Florian Meyer, Ivonne Mantilla-González, Florian Kauer, and Volker Turau
  • Comparison of Mixed Diversity Schemes to Enhance Reliability of Wireless Networks
    Gianluca Cena, Stefano Scanzio, Lucia Seno, and Adriano Valenzano
  • Asymptotic Load Balancing Algorithm for Many Task Scheduling
    Anamaria-Raluca Oncioiu, Florin Pop, and Christian Esposito
16.30 Coffee break

Technical Session 3 - Routing Strategies for WSN
Chaired by Prof. Flavio Assis, Federal University of Bahia (BRA)

  • Mobility Aided Context-Aware Forwarding Approach for Destination-less OppNets
    Vishnupriya Kuppusamy, Asanga Udugama, and Anna Förster
  • Multi-Criteria Analysis to Select Relay Nodes in the ORST Technique
    Suelen Laurindo, Ricardo Moraes, Carlos Montez, and Francisco Vasques
  • Opportunistic Data Collection and Routing in Segmented Wireless Sensor Networks
    Juliette Garcia, Alain Pirovano, and Mickaël Royer
  • DTN7: An Open-Source Disruption-Tolerant Networking Implementation of Bundle Protocol 7
    Alvar Penning, Lars Baumgärtner, Jonas Höchst, Artur Sterz, Mira Mezini, and Bernd Freisleben

Welcome Reception (cocktail)


08.00 Registration

Key Note Speech 3
The Rise of Satellite IoT

Mr Omar Qaise, OQ Technology (LU)
Chaired by Dr. Maria Rita Palattella, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LU)


Demo Session
A demonstration of Low Power Wide Area Networking for city-scale monitoring applications
Eng. Sebastian Barillaro, National Institute of Standards and Technology (USA)

Chaired by Nicola Accettura, Laboratoire d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systèmes-CNRS (FR)


In collaboration with

10.30 Coffee Break

Technical Session 4 - LPWANs and Their Integration with Satellite
Chaired by Dr. Riadh Dhaou, University of Toulouse / TESA / IRIT-ENSEEIHT (FR)

  • LoRaWAN SCHC Fragmentation Demystified
    Sergio Aguilar, Alexandre Marquet, Laurent Toutain, Carles Gomez, Rafael Vidal, Nicolas Montavont, and Georgios Z. Papadopoulos
  • Revised Gateway Selection for LoRa Radio Networks
    Przemysław Błaśkiewicz, Jacek Cichoń, Mirosław Kutyłowski, and Marcin Zawada
  • Direct-To-Satellite IoT - A Survey of the State of the Art and Future Research Perspectives
    Juan A. Fraire, Sandra Céspedes, and Nicola Accettura
  • Link Budget Analysis for Satellite-Based Narrowband IoT Systems
    Oltjon Kodheli, Nicola Maturo, Stefano Andrenacci, Symeon Chatzinotas, and Frank Zimmer
12.00 Lunch Break

Key Note Speech 4
IoT and Data Analytics: critical technologies for sustainable agriculture and energy use
Prof. Dr. Markus Mock, University of Applied Sciences (DE)
Chaired by Prof. Toshiaki Miyazaki, University of Aizu (JPN)

14.30 Coffee Break


Technical Session 5 - Performance Improvement of Wireless and Sensor Networks
Chaired by Prof. Alfredo Grieco, Politecnico di Bari (ITA)

  • A Software-Defined Retransmission Mechanism to Manage Real-Time Traffic in Wi-Fi Networks
    Gianluca Cena, Stefano Scanzio, Lucia Seno, Adriano Valenzano, and Claudio Zunino
  • RT-WiFi Approach to Handle Real-Time Communication: An Experimental Evaluation
    José Betiol Júnior, Robson Costa, Ricardo Moraes, Luciana Rech, and Francisco Vasques
  • A Passive Method to Infer the Weighted Conflict Graph of an IEEE 802.11 Network
    Lafdal Abdewedoud, Anthony Busson, Isabelle Guérin-Lassous, and Marion Foare
  • SDNWisebed: A Software-Defined WSN Testbed
    Jakob Schaerer, Zhongliang Zhao, Jose Carrera, Severin Zumbrunn, and Torsten Braun
  • 2.5 Layer Protocol for Traffic Regulation in Ultra-Dense Nanonetwork
    Lina Aliouat, Hakim Mabed, and Julien Bourgeois
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Bus departure


Visit and tasting at Bernard Massard


Gala Dinner Bernard Massard

23.00 End and bus shuttle to the hotels


08.00 Registration

Key Note Speech 5
Satellite integration into 5G: Seizing the opportunities
Dr. Alexander Geurtz, SES Networks (LU)
Chaired by Mr. Frank Zimmer, SES S.A. (LU)


Environmental Applications of Big Space Data
Dr. Marco Chini, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LU)
Chaired by Dr. Maria Rita Palattella, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LU)

10.30 Coffee Break

Technical Session 6 - Optimisation Schemes for increasing Sensors Lifetime
Chaired by Dr. Stefano Scanzio, CNR-IEIIT (ITA)

  • Minimum Length Scheduling for Discrete Rate Based Full Duplex Wireless Powered Communication Networks
    Muhammad Shahid Iqbal, Yalcin Sadi, and Sinem Coleri Ergen
  • Energy Efficient Naming in Beeping Networks
    Ny Aina Andriambolamalala and Vlady Ravelomanana
  • Optimisation of Energy Consumption in Traffic Video Monitoring Systems Using a Learning-Based Path Prediction Algorithm
  • Papa Samour Diop, Ahmath Bamba Mbacké, Gervais Mendy, Ibrahima Gaye, and Jeanne Roux Ngo Bilong
  • eLoBaPS: Towards Energy Load Balancing with Wake-Up Radios for IoT
    Sebastian L. Sampayo, Julien Montavont, and Thomas Noël


12.00 Lunch Break

Technical Session 7 - Vehicular and UAV Networks
Chaired by Mr. Gaetano Manzo, University of Applied Science Western Switzerland (HES-SO) (CH)

  • Comparative Evaluation Study of GLOSA Approaches Under Realistic Scenario Conditions
    Mouna Karoui, Antonio Freitas, and Gerard Chalhoub
  • Quality of Context for VANETs: QoC Metrics for Connectivity in VANETs
    Margarete Sá and Sérgio Gorender
  • Performance Analysis of MANET Routing Protocols in Urban VANETs
    Antonio Di Maio, Maria Rita Palattella, and Thomas Engel
  • Initial Placement Optimization for Multi-Channel UAV Networks
    Dorin Rautu, Riadh Dhaou, and Emmanuel Chaput
14.30 Coffee Break

Poster and Demo (walking) Session

  • 5G Satellite Communications Services Through Constellation of LEO Satellites
    Vahid Joroughi, Lars K. Alminde, and Eduardo Cruz
  • On the Interplay Between 5G, Mobile Edge Computing and Robotics in Smart Agriculture Scenarios
    Giovanni Valecce, Sergio Strazzella, and Luigi Alfredo Grieco
  • The Agromet Project: A Virtual Weather Station Network for Agricultural Decision Support Systems in Wallonia, South of Belgium
    Damien Rosillon, Jean Pierre Huart, Thomas Goossens, Michel Journée, and Viviane Planchon
  • Prototype of a LPWA Network for Real-Time HydroMeteorological Monitoring and Flood Nowcasting
    Audrey Douinot, Alessandro Dalla Torre, Jérôme Martin, Jean-François Iffly,Laurent Rapin, Claude Meisch, Christine Bastian, and Laurent Pfister
  • Efficient Wireless Sensor Deployment at Minimum Cost
    Francesca Guerriero, Luigi Di Puglia Pugliese, and Nathalie Mitton
  • Sensor Network Schedule Adaptation for Varying Operating Temperature
    Krzysztof Trojanowski and Artur Mikitiuk
  • Traffic Monitoring on City Roads Using UAVs
    Mouna Elloumi, Riadh Dhaou, Benoit Escrig, Hanen Idoudi, Leila Azouz Saidane, and Andrei Fer
  • An Automotive Cooperative Collision Avoidance Service Based on Mobile Edge Computing
    Arnau García Olmos, Francisco Vázquez-Gallego, Roshan Sedar, Vasilis Samoladas, Fermin Mira, and Jesus Alonso-Zarate
  • Floater: Post-disaster Communications via Floating Content
  • Flavien Bonvin, Gaetano Manzo, Christian Esposito, Torsten Braun, and Gianluca Rizzo
  • DMSS: Decision Management System for Safer Spacecrafts
    Olivier Parisot, Philippe Pinheiro, and Patrik Hitzelberger

Technical Session 8 - Body Area Networks, IoT Security and Standardization
Chaired by Prof. Przemysław Błaśkiewicz, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (POL)

  • Reliable Cross-Layer Protocol for Broadcast in Wireless Body Area Networks
    Wafa Badreddine and Maria Potop-Butucaru
  • MTM-MAC: Medical Traffic Management MAC Protocol for Handling Healthcare Applications in WBANs
    Rim Negra, Imen Jemili, Abdelfettah Belghith, and Mohamed Mosbah
  • Secure Provisioning for Achieving End-to-End Secure Communications
    Patrícia R. Sousa, João S. Resende, Rolando Martins, and Luís Antunes
  • An Intrusion Detection System for the OneM2M Service Layer Based on Edge Machine Learning
    Nadia Chaabouni, Mohamed Mosbah, Akka Zemmari, and Cyrille Sauvignac
  • Efforts Towards IoT Technical Standardization
    Shyam Wagle and Johnatan E. Pecero
17.30 Closing Remarks
Conference Chair, Dr Maria Rita Palattella, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LU)

Touristic visit of the city


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